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The Town of DeMotte was incorporated  in 1967, and our Police Department was likewise established at that time.


The area was previously referred to as; “little village” by persons who settled here in the area.


Throughout the years, the town has kept that same family feel while experiencing growth within the town limits,

and the surrounding neighborhoods in Keener Township.


We are proud of the town’s heritage and of the quality of life you will find here in DeMotte.


Seldom does a Police Department get a chance to praise their town;

but we here at the police department are proud of the efforts put forth by our families.


Your Police Department strives to maintain the peace, dignity, and values that are brought forth by so many of our residents.


We hope you will always be able to brag a little (in a good way) on your accomplishments!


We encourage all of you, to join in and make your town the best place it can be.


We are proud to be your DeMotte Police Officers!




"All great change in America begins at the dinner table."

Ronald Reagan


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