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The Town of DeMotte has it's own court and most citations are written into this court.

Although, DeMotte Police Officers have the luxury of writing citations into either the County Circuit Court or into the Town Court,

it is only a matter of convenience to the local public that citations are written into the local court.

The Jasper County Circuit Court is located in Rensselaer, approximately twenty miles from DeMotte and a date in that court would be a minor inconvenience to most local residents. You can find the recent fine schedules linked below.


Our Town Judge Is:

The Honorable Russell Bailey

Judge of Jasper Superior Court


PHONE: 219-987-5138



If you wish to plead Liable to your citation, you may pay the citation without appearing in court. To plead Liable, sign the “APPEARANCE, ADMISSION OF VIOLATION AND WAIVER” form at the bottom of the back side of the citation and place it in an envelope with a Money Order. The amount required to pay the citation you are charged with is set forth below.


The court is not allowed to accept Personal Checks. Money Orders must be made payable to the DeMotte Town Court and can be paid at the DeMotte Town Hall 112 Carnation St S.E. or can be mailed, along with the signed citation to:

DeMotte Town Court
112 Carnation Street SE
DeMotte, IN 46310



NOW AVAILABLE: Citations may also be paid on the internet at http://www.govpaynow.com or by calling

888-604-7888. An internet transaction charges a 3.5% fee ($3.50 minimum) and a phone transaction charges a 5% fee ($5.00 minimum). Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express accepted. Enter pay location code (PLC): 6332 when paying online.


Contact the Judge by e-mail at demottejudge@comcast.net or call 219-987-5138 for assistance. If you wish to receive receipt of your payment, you must enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. If you plead Liable and are a resident of Indiana, The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will automatically assess points against your driving record according to the Motor Vehicle Schedule. If you are not a resident, your state of residence will be notified if you plead Liable.


You may also plead Liable and pay the citation in person at the Judge’s Office at the DeMotte Town Hall, 112 Carnation St S.E. Please call 219-987-5138 for the Judge’s office hours. If you wish to contest the citation, you are required to enter a plea of Not Liable and forward your notice thereof to the Judge’s office at the above address, whereupon the court will assign the violation a trial date and will notify you by return mail.


If you fail to notify the court by mail of your Not Liable Plea, you will be required to appear a second time for trial. If you fail to exercise any of the above options you must appear in court on the date at the time specified at the bottom of the citation.

Payment of fines may be made in person at the DeMotte Town Hall or you may mail a MONEY ORDER payable to:

DeMotte Town Court
112 Carnation Street SE
DeMotte, IN. 46310


(again, personal checks will not be accepted)


If you have received a citation and have been cited into the DeMotte Town Court, your upcoming Court date will appear on the bottom of your citation. If you have any questions about your court date, please call the department at 219- 987-3344 or you may call the court at 219-987-5138.

Please view the Town Court Fine Schedule or the Circuit Court Schedule supplied at the time of the traffic stop.  If you need this schedule of fines you can download it here in PDF format. (FINE SCHEDULE)






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