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The DeMotte Police Department Communications Center is the hub of the Department. Almost every call, assist or public service is filtered through the communications officers. They are responsible for taking complaints and requests for service from the public and seeing that they are addressed appropriately.

The DeMotte Communications Officer has the responsibility of dispatching emergency personnel, including police, fire and EMS. They are also EMD certified, which means that they are trained to handle medical emergencies over the phone and to give medical emergency response information if needed.

The Communications Officers are responsible for answering incoming 911 calls and dispatching appropriate emergency personnel. The Enhanced 911 system allows the dispatch center, to acquire a callers Name, Address, Telephone number and call history at that phone number, allowing the responding police officers, medical personnel and Fire Department to respond appropriately and efficiently.

The DeMotte Communications Officers are certified terminal operators for the IDACS/NCIC system. The Indiana Data and Communications System (IDACS) is managed by, the Indiana State Police. It is a computerized law enforcement communications and information storage and retrieval system. This system is designed to serve as a tool in providing more effective and efficient law enforcement for both the citizens of Indiana and, through interfacing with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer, and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) computer, the nation as a whole. The system; is comprised of several databases and include; Wanted files, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle File, and NCIC files.

Our Full Time Communications Staff:

Joan Hilton

Sarah Neff

Stacy Needham

Joe Hisaw

Our Part Time Communications Staff:

Terri DeBoer

Bridget Shouse

Mike Sayers

Kim Douglas







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